The Fall of the House of Usher Production Designer On Translating Edgar Allan Poe To Modern Day

Summary The Fall of the House of Usher is a modern twist on Edgar Allan Poe’s tales, focusing on a family haunted by their sins. The ensemble cast, including Carla Gugino and Mark Hamill, delivers both grandiose set pieces and intricate character drama. The production design of the show successfully incorporates Poe’s Gothic and creepy […]

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Every Mike Flanagan Movie & TV Show, Ranked From Least To Most Terrifying

Summary Mike Flanagan is praised for his ability to evoke terror and his skillful direction in creating suspenseful and terrifying experiences in his horror projects. Not all of Flanagan’s horror projects are equally successful, with some being less memorable and relying on predictable scares within the genre. Flanagan’s notable works include “The Haunting of Hill […]

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